Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of in making or breaking the success of your web-site as an asset to your organisation. To design and develop a great web-site that has thorough and relevant content is a serious investment in time and money for yourself and your organisation.

It can be very de-motivating to put a great site together and nobody sees it. The biggest singular reason why web-sites fail is that no-one sees it.

In order to generate traffic to web-site is a tricky affair and there are a number of ways to do this. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is Search Engine subscriptions.

Ask yourself which web-site you use the most out of all others. It is probably one Search Engine or another, such as Google or AltaVista.

To submit ones site to search Engines is fairly simple exercise. If one is prepared to spend a few hundred hours on Search Engine Subscriptions you are sure to get some hits on your Site.

Another point to keep in mind is the habits of people using Search Engines. It is not good enough just having your Web-Site on a Search Engine as most people only really look at the first 10 or 20 hits on the  search phrase they have used. The higher your site is ranked on a search phrase the better chance of generating traffic to your site.

However before you go to these lengthy steps it would not be time wasted to try and understand a few simple ways on how Search Engines looks at your Site.

If one was to let your Site sit on the WWW without ever submitting to a Search Engine you would be surprised to see your Site coming up on searches. However it might take months or even years. By that time your endeavor would have died a slow death.

Search Engines use Web Spiders and Robots that scour the internet. These Spiders and Robots are basically software that Search Engines use to update changed web pages or look for new sites. Some Spiders are continuously on the web and others are sent out periodically.  

Different Search Engine Spiders pick up information and content from your Site in different ways.

This all sounds fairly simple and easy.

What one has to realize that even if you submit your Site to a Search Engine it could be up to six months before your Site gets Spidered.

If your site does not present itself effectively to the Search Spider, it is literally an opportunity gone begging and could mean the difference between being ranked Number 2 and Number 2002222 on a search submission.

When one puts one Web-Site onto the web your Site should have the right and complete Description Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Content <H1> <H2> <H3> <Para> tags.

This all sounds very technical; however we at 4Uz Internet Solutions have vast experience in optimizing web-sites for Search Engines. Further there are a few tricks that we use in order for Search Engines to pick up and search your site in a shorter time.

In consultation we will strategize the best route in order to maximize relevant traffic to your site. 

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