Activenet develops and designs within a Content Management System (CMS).
Content Management System - A Content Management Systems (CMS) website enables regular maintenance and development with the minimum of effort, simplifying all aspects of site updates, from simple text edit to adding a new page.

An Activenet website is dynamic, providing many of the extra features you require to operate a successful professional website.
How it Works

The CMS web-sites are built on a frame. Our meaning of frame would be a system by which we could hang the design and programming on. In terms of Activenet Designs we refer to the design as a CSS Template, and the different programmed entities as Modules.

CSS Template

A CSS Template is a web design and will dictate how your web-site looks. A CSS Template can be applied to a web-site in minutes, this gives you the ability to change the whole look and feel of the site in minutes. No having to build a new web-site every time you change a design aspect.
Within CSS Templates and part of the design of the web-site you will find containers, containers are a design which you can insert into the CSS Template. Containers hold the different program elements of the site. You can use many different containers in the site, but normally on would use containers that come with the CSS Template, this is to make sure that the look and feel of the site is balanced and fits together professionally.


Modules are the programming elements of the web-site. Using different modules you make your web-site into anything from just showing information with text and pictures, a feedback module that allows clients and web-users to give reviews, a Forum module that allows web-users to have full interactive communication with each other. The programming modules are numerous with some that come with the web-site and others that you pay a fee for. All modules available is listed in the What’s Available page.
Modules have been designed for ease of use, once a module has been inserted into a web-site they can be used. User level skill needed to use different modules can range from very low-skill to high-skill, depending on what module you use and what it does. Once a module has been inserted in to a page, one can then work with it, either moving it around the page or editing data within the module, the effects of changes in the module are immediate and available directly to the users of the web-site.




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