Do you have a website that is out of date, too plain and boring or just plain out of date? For a minimal once off fee of R2500.00 excl VAT, we will gladly revamp / redesign your current website to be modern and with the times. None of your website content will be affected. This process of redesign will be completed within 48 hours, so don’t delay, contact us and get your website up there with the best! Visit some examples of our work in our portfolio page.

Please note, this fee is for the look and feel of the website, it does not include a landing page or a mobi look and feel for the website. Please contact us and we will be able to assist and quote you on these services. For logo design, please click here.

The Basic Structure - When Developing a Web-Site

Building of an internet site as been said in previous sections must be a targeted approach. One has to take a number of factors into consideration when designing the structure of a web-site. The main one being the design must be started with an aim in site and a fair knowledge of your target market. The site structure must be logical and easy to navigate.

Fortunately for or benefit web-sites over time have developed into general formats that are used in most web-sites and portals.

Web-Sites that break away from this format are either companies that go out of their way to break with conformity as a marketing goal or are not for public consumption (as in Web-Sites used purely for in-house web-application)

Here are the general structure as is seen 99% of web-sites that can be accessed on the web.
Home Page

The Home Page can be viewed as the most important page on the web-site. 90% of users will leave the web-site if they feel they are not going to find what they are looking for from the Home Page. Content must be enticing and relevant and Links to other pages and areas must be clear and logically set-out. Content on the front page must be a precursor to what you would like to achieve on the web-site. Funneling traffic to the areas you would like them to access must be targeted and well though out.
Contact Details
Another very important page is your contact details, unlike business cards, letter heads and brochures, a change of contact details can be made immediately available to potential clients. The public will be using the internet more and more to look for Contact Details or as a means of contacting an organisation in the future.
Other Pages
that are commonly found on Web-Sites

Sales and SpecialsProduct / service info
Special customers
Samples of your Work
Contests, Promotions
Vision & mission
Reservation form
Coming Attractions
Company Information
Staff Profiles
Location (map )
Links to Interesting Sites

Zeeman Suzuki Website Before Redesign


Zeeman Suzuki Website After Redesign

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